Alto G Flutes, Hi D and alto C Piccolos

These are traditional six-hole Irish instruments

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Tony Dixon Polymer Alto G Flute and Flute/Whistle Combo




TDF10. (See above) Tunable (two-piece) alto flute in key of G. Black polymer. 17" long. $46
TDF1A. Flute/whistle combo in G. Three pieces: black polymer body plus interchangeable flute and whistle heads. $65


Tony Dixon Aluminum Tunable Alto G Flute


TDF11. Aluminum tunable alto flute in key of G, with polymer head. Outer diameter of body is 3/4".  $85
TDF11A. Flute/whistle combo in G. Three pieces: aluminum body plus interchangeable poly flute and whistle heads. $104.


Sale! Tony Dixon Polymer High C Piccolos

TDF20C. Piccolo in C: We have two polymer C piccolos that we found in a drawer; they are an older style (current piccolo heads don't fit these). We are selling them at $25.


Tony Dixon D & C Aluminum Piccolo and Piccolo/Whistle Duo



TDF21A. High D aluminum piccolo with black polymer head. 12 1/2" long. $65
TDF21B. High C aluminum piccolo with black polymer head. Just under 14" long. $75

TDF21C. High D aluminum whistle/piccolo duo. This three-piece set has an aluminum body, and black polymer piccolo and whistle heads. $75

TDF21D. High C aluminum whistle/piccolo duo. This three-piece set has an aluminum body, and polymer piccolo and whistle heads. $89


Sale! Tony Dixon D Solid Brass Piccolo

TDF22. High D solid brass piccolo with black polymer head. These are his previous design, with a brass slide attached to the polymer piccolo head. 12 1/2" long. Was $81, selling off at $60. We have two of these left.


Books for Irish Flute

Timber: The Flute Tutor by Fintan Vallely. A self-teaching book for beginners and learners on the wooden, simple-system six-hole flutes, such as the Irish flute above; which have the same fingering as tin whistles. Includes basic instruction for total beginners, tips on Irish-style ornamentation of tunes, how to get chromatic notes, tunes to play, care of the instrument, and history. An interesting book to read! $17

The Turoe Stone
. A collection of traditional tunes composed by the renowned Galway flute player, Vincent Broderick. Includes 68 tunes, photos, and notes on Broderick. $17

Special: Buy both the Timber and Turoe Stone books for $32.


Irish Flute Case

This case also fits low D Irish whistles.

FC3. This padded case will hold both a D flute and a piccolo or whistle head. We show it folded over (the piccolo or whistle head goes in the short section); a piece of velcro holds this folded part in place. When opened up completely, the whole thing is 38" long overall. $15

For other cases that fit D flutes, see our page of practice chanter cases.


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