Irish Jewelry

Crystal and enamel shamrock pins and earrings, barrettes, ceramic sheep pins, harp pins.
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Rolled Gold Irish Shamrocks

The Irish maker calls these "rolled gold" jewelry. Rolled gold is somewhat like gold plate; it is gold that is rolled over a base metal. These pieces really look nice!

mr608221.jpg (5635 bytes)IJ94A. Pendant has three deep green heart-shaped crystals in rolled gold setting, 18" gold-colored chain. Size: 9/16" across. $24 We have one of these left.




mr608241.jpg (7790 bytes)IJ94B. Stud earrings match the pendant. Size of shamrocks: 1/2" across. $20




Rolled Gold Claddagh Pin with Crystals

mr608301.jpg (9977 bytes)IJ95. Claddagh pin is rolled gold with deep green heart-shaped crystal and three clear crystals in the crown. This piece could be worn with the IJ94 pieces above. Size: 1 1/8" across. $14

The Irish maker calls this piece "rolled gold." Rolled gold is somewhat like gold plate; it is gold that is rolled over a base metal. This piece really looks nice!



Enamel Shamrock Studs and Necklace

mr608261.jpg (7169 bytes)IJ96A. Stud earrings, 5/16" across. Made in Ireland. These are green enamel set in rolled gold. They are for people who like tiny jewelry, or they could be worn by a young girl. Shown oversize to display detail. $11
mr608181.jpg (5807 bytes)IJ96B. Necklace on 18" gold chain, 5/16" shamrock, matches the earrings IJ96A above. This is made of  green enamel set in rolled gold. For people who like tiny jewelry, or could be worn by a young girl. Shown oversize to display detail. $15





Claddagh Stick Barrette

oc525071.jpg (9050 bytes)IJ67. Silver-colored curved barrette with wooden stick through it. The cut-out claddagh design is inside a plain oval surround. There is a silver-colored finial on the wide end of the stick. Size small: the silver oval is  2 3/4" measured over the curve. The stick is 4 1/2" long. Only $9




Sale! Handmade Sheep and Harp Ceramic Irish Jewelry

The ceramic pieces shown below are hand made in Ireland. Because they are hand colored/hand painted, they will vary somewhat in color from piece to piece.

no223091.jpg (7241 bytes)IJ70A. Sheep in natural Aran sweater. Pin, 1 1/2" across. $15, sale price $10.

no223081.jpg (7340 bytes)IJ70B. Sheep with green shamrock on natural Aran sweater. Pin, 1 12/" across. $15, sale price $10.

These sheep pins are really cute!


no223041.jpg (8061 bytes)IJ70E. Harp pendant 1 1/4" long, on black cord. Blue/green and blue colors. $15, sale $12.

no223051.jpg (9489 bytes)IJ70F. Harp pin, 1 1/2" long, blue/green. $15, sale $12.





no223111.jpg (9796 bytes)IJ70G. Round sheep scene pin, 1 1/2" diameter. $15, sale $10.





Filigree Shamrock Pin  with Green Stones

may09031.jpg (11153 bytes)Filigree shamrock pin is set with sparkling faux emerald stones set in the Celtic interlace swirls. This is a very pretty shamrock. A Miracle piece. 1 5/8" across. Available in two colors:
IJ81A. Gold color $21
IJ81B. Silver color (not shown). $21.




Celtic Interlace Shamrock Shawl Pin

no512131.jpg (18266 bytes)IJ82. Celtic interlace shamrock  pin looks elegant on a cloak, shawl, or coat lapel. 1 3/4" in diameter. Deep green enameled shamrock with antiqued gold surround. A Miracle brand piece. $23





Enameled Shamrock Pin, Necklace, Earrings and Tie Bar

IJ84. The enameled shamrock pin at left is deep emerald green with gold-colored edging. Size: 2" overall. $11
IJ84A. Enameled shamrock necklace on 16" goldtone chain. The shamrock looks like the one shown, but hangs on a bail and is much smaller, 11/16" across. $8
IJ84B. Enameled shamrock studs to match. The shamrocks are the same size as the necklace IJ84A, 11/16" across. $10
IJ84C. Shamrock tie bar. 11/16" shamrock like those above is on a gold-colored bar. $10 We have one of these left.



    Circle Shamrock Pin with Green Stones

jn123091.jpg (14788 bytes)IJ85. Shamrock pin. This is an unusual style of pin, with coppertone shamrocks and faux emeralds on an antiqued silver setting. This would work well on a cloak or shawl or coat lapel. 1 3/4" across. $17





Oval Porcelain Shamrock Pin

mar10042.jpg (8485 bytes)IJ86A: SALE! Oval shamrock pin has seven shamrocks floating on a deep gold background. Made of handpainted resin that looks and feels like porcelain.This is a 3-D design, as the shamrocks are raised above the surface of the pin. About 1 1/2" high. Were $16, now $10



Enameled Celtic Knots Necklace and Earrings

ja110021.jpg (15384 bytes)HP87: Enameled Celtic knot earrings and necklace. This is an inexpensive set that goes with just about anything. The knot is outlined in dark brown on white enamel background.  The flat discs are 3/4" across; the pendant hangs on an 18" silver-colored chain. Set of earrings and necklace: $10




Harp Jewelry

The harp is considered to be one of the most Irish of all symbols, and in Ireland it is everywhere (on money, beer brands, flags, etc. We have many more harp jewelry pieces on our page of harp jewelry.


Enameled Celtic Harp Pin

oc207021.jpg (13195 bytes)HP3. This nice Irish-shape enameled harp pin has a deep green enamel inset on a gold-colored harp (the green is not as dark as the picture shows). Just under 1 1/2" high. $15






Enameled Celtic Harp Earrings

no004011.jpg (13883 bytes)Enameled harp earrings and pendant. Very pretty with a green dress! Earrings are about 1" long.

HP23A. Earrings are green with red touches as shown. $9 We have one pair left.

HP23B. Same earrings as in HP23A, except that the earrings are all green and gold. $9 We have one pair left.




Antiqued Silvertone Celtic Harp Pin

oc219011.jpg (10484 bytes)HP28. Antiqued silvertone harp pin. This design is a nice copy of the ancient Irish harp. Size: 1 3/8". $8.

We have one left of this pin in antiqued goldtone color.  $8

Celtic Harp Necklace

oc208041.jpg (8932 bytes)
HP29. Antiqued silvertone harp pendant on 18" chain. This design is a nice copy of the ancient Irish harp. Harp is 1 1/4" high. $10

Bronze Celtic Harp Pin

oc207041.jpg (12033 bytes)HP30. Solid bronze harp pin is 1 3/8" high. $12






Harp-and-Shamrocks Pin

mr613191.jpg (15513 bytes)mr613201.jpg (14639 bytes)HP31A. (far left) This nice harp pin has a circle of shamrocks around it. Size: 1 1/8 diameter. Gold color. $10
HP31B. (Immediate left) This nice harp pin has a circle of shamrocks around it. Size: 1 1/8 diameter. Silver color. $10




Lyre Claddagh Pins

Lyre claddagh pin has deep-colored enamel in the arms and hearts, gold-colored hands and outlines. This is a nice-quality piece. About 1 1/2" high. We cannot get more, and this pin will disappear when current stocks are gone.
HP4A. Red side arms, shown at left (the pin is the same deep red on both sides; the camera caught a shadow on the right side to make it look darker). Regular $21, selling off at $16.
HP4B. Blue side arms. Regular $21, selling off at $16.



Tree-of-Life Pin

IJ99. The Tree of Life was a common symbol of the ancient Christian Celts, and appeared in many forms in their art from the era of the Book of Kells on; however, it goes back beyond the Celts to the Garden of Eden. The pin at left is an interesting variation on the tree-of-life theme and can be worn with the fruit growing in any direction. Faux cabochon stones in moonstone emerald, antiqued silvertone setting. Size: 1 3/4" overall. $20



Penannular-Style Brooch

my110011.jpg (9540 bytes)my110021.jpg (10903 bytes)These brooches were inspired by the Ballyspellan Brooch, found in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. The circle is 1 1/2" across; the long pin is 1 3/4" long overall. The penannular is an ancient Celtic style of jewelry
IJ100A. Silvertone. $15
IJ100B. Goldtone. $15




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