Scottish Jewelry

Traditional Scottish motifs to wear with pride.

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In addition to the Scottish pieces on this page, we also have a page of kiltpins. These can be worn on lapels or with scarves, as well as on a kilt.

Please check the size of each piece carefully against a ruler before ordering. We give measurements of all jewelry pieces on this site so that you will know their size in advance; this will save disappointment, returning pieces, etc.

Stone color: although purple is very popular with modern Scots, the most traditional Scottish stone is the smoky quartz or topaz. This is because the gemstones that were mined in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland in the old days, called cairngorms, were smoky quartz (and possibly also topaz -- there is some variation of opinion on this!). These come in various shades of smoky yellow.


Thistle Jewelry

The thistle is a common symbol of the Scots, and appears in a great deal of their jewelry.  The thistle became the national emblem of Scotland after the Battle of Largs in 1263 AD. It is said that a Norse attack force decided on a stealthy night attack; however, their leader trod on a thistle and his yell alerted the Scots, thus saving Scotland.


Sterling Thistle Pendant and Earrings

SJ2A. Sterling thistle pendant (thistle is 7/16" high, shown oversize) hangs on fine 18" chain. $19

SJ2B. Tiny version of thistle in SJ2A as stud earrings; these are just over 1/4" high (shown oversize). $8




Oval Costume Thistle Pins

The oval thistle pins by Miracle brand shown at left are available in three colors.
1 1/2" high, costume metal, faux stones.
SJ5A. Malachite, antiqued gold. $23
SJ5B. Lapis lazuli, antiqued silver. $23
SJ5C. Striped amethyst, antiqued silver. $23




Crystal Thistle Pendants and Earrings

ap201091.jpg (10476 bytes)The high-quality crystal pieces shown at left and below are made in Scotland. On these, the crystal is clear and does not change color; the color of the inset  thistle in these pieces is called "heliotrope" by the maker, and is a mixture of blue, purple and rose. Sizes of crystal pieces do not include hanging ring.
SJ6A. Medium pendant on 20" sterling curb chain that has some weight. Oval pendant piece is 1 3/8" long. $38 We have one left.

no621171.jpg (6532 bytes)no621161.jpg (10697 bytes)SJ6B. Small pendant on fine 20" sterling curb chain. Pendant oval is 11/16" long. $27
SJ6C. Drop stud earrings hang from sterling findings. Earring ovals are the same size (11/16") as the SJ6B small pendant, and have the same scalloped edges. $47 We have one pair of these left.


ap201061.jpg (8725 bytes)SJ6D. Small delicate drop stud earrings (shown at left) have plain edges, but the same thistle design as the three pieces above. Sterling findings. The length of the oval is 1/2". $28





Oval Thistle Pins

my109051.jpg (13404 bytes)my109061.jpg (12674 bytes)This attractive oval thistle pin mixes the traditional Scottish thistle motif with a modern look. 1 3/4" high. Available in two color combinations:
SJ7A. Goldtone with faux topaz. $27
SJ7B. Silvertone with choice of faux pale amethyst (shown) or deep purple amethyst stone. $27




Pewter Thistle Necklace

jl205031.jpg (8956 bytes)
SJ8. Pewter thistle necklace. The oval pendant is 1" long, not counting its hanging ring or the jump ring. Chain: 18" long. $21 We have one of these left.



Round Celtic Brooch

SJ19. This beautiful handcrafted brooch of solid sterling has Celtic knots all around the faux dark topaz stone in the middle. Seen from the side, the stone sits high, held by a crown. Size: 1 5/8" across. Presented in a hard blue box lined in black satin and velvet. Made in East Kilbride, Scotland. $92.




Scottish Shoulder Brooches/Cloak Pins

This large four-thistle pin is ideal on a tartan sash at your shoulder, or as a cloak pin. A Miracle brand piece, made in Britain. It is two inches across with a two-inch pin on the back; this piece can be worn as shown or turned with the corner thistles pointing N, S, E and W. The raised-design pin has a rise of about 1/2 inch. This is a costume piece of good quality.  

SJ20A. Antiqued gold with faux amethyst stone. $26

     SJ20B. Antiqued silver with faux amethyst stone. $26      







Scottish Thistle Shawl Brooches

my128031.jpg (23932 bytes)my128041.jpg (19199 bytes)These large thistle brooches are great for pinning a shawl or cloak! The silver-colored circle is stamped with a thistle design; the large center thistle is raised, with a faux amethyst stone.

SJ22A. Large brooch, 2 3/4" in diameter. $31
SJ22B. Smaller brooch, 2 3/8" in diameter. $28





Luckenbooth Jewelry

The luckenbooth, named after a place in Scotland, is a heart (or double heart) with a Queen Mary crown on top; the design dates from her time. Heart pieces like this have been romantic gifts in Scotland since the 1700's. Luckenbooth jewelry can have many variations.

 SJ32.  This luckenbooth (Queen Mary) pin is a silver-colored  costume jewelry piece with faux amethyst stones. 1 3/8" high x 1" wide. $26                                            




  The Heather Gem Collection

Made in Scotland, Heather Gem pieces each have an unusual "gem" which is made of real heather stems that have been dried, dyed with natural dyes, pressed tightly under enormous pressure, cut and hand lacquered. Every heather gem has different coloring and design; no two are alike. Colors are a mixture of purple, red, green, yellow and blue; the ones shown below are typical. If you request a couple of colors you would prefer, we'll do our best for you; however, we regret that we cannot guarantee what color you will get.

We currently have Heather Gem jewelry at the link below, but none in the thistle design to go on this page. We mention this jewelry here because it is a well-known Scottish-made brand.

Heather Gem pieces in Celtic designs are on our page of sterling jewelry.


Sterling Bagpipe Necklaces and Earrings

fe313081.jpg (6790 bytes)Solid sterling bagpipe necklace in two sizes, plus dangling and stud earrings.
SJ61A. Necklace. Actual pipes are 5/8" high. These hang on a fine 20" sterling chain. $19
SJ61B. Matching earrings hang from studs, same size as SJ61A. $24
SJ61C. Necklace. Pipes are 1/2" high, hang on a fine 20" chain. $16
SJ61D. Tiny stud bagpipes are 3/8" high. $8



oc525091.jpg (11944 bytes)SJ62. Bagpipe necklace. This is a very nice solid sterling rendition of bagpipes. Note that  the size of the oval frame around the bagpipes is 1 1/2" high, not including the bail (ring). The sterling curb chain is 24" long and is of medium weight. $41






Scottish Drummer Necklace

fe313071.jpg (5198 bytes)SJ72. Drum necklace. Drummers in pipe bands sometimes complain that the pipers get all the attention, and that there is nothing produced for drummers. Solid sterling drum is 5/16" high on a fine 20" sterling chain. $16


Grouse Claw Pins

These grouse claws are set in a silver-colored holder with a faux sparkling glass stone set into the end, pin on back.  Overall length is about 3 1/2" (these are real claws, and the size may vary slightly). These come from grouse that are farmed for their meat in Scotland.
SJ73A. Engraved silver-colored holder, amethyst stone. $20
SJ73B. Engraved silver-colored holder, deep orange-red stone. $20

SJ73C. Plain silver-colored holder,
deep orange-red stone. $20






Faux Amethyst Necklace and Earrings

no313041.jpg (12490 bytes)SJ75A. Necklace (18" silver-colored chain). Faux striped amethyst stone. $10
SJ75B. Matching earrings. These hang from studs. $14




Scottish Jacket Buttons

Silver-plated buttons for Scottish jackets. These have a shank on the back for sewing on. Made in Scotland.

Oct604061.JPG (14120 bytes)SJ76A. Small square. Tiny rampant lion in middle. 7/16" on each side. Can be sewn at any angle. $3 each, $2.50 ea for 6 or more.
SJ76B. Medium square. Tiny rampant lion in middle. 9/16" on each side. Can be sewn at any angle. $3 each, $2.50 ea for 6 or more.
SJ76C. Large square. Tiny rampant lion in middle. 11/16" on each side. Can be sewn at any angle. $4 each, $3.50 ea for 6 or more.



ap621041.jpg (8636 bytes)SJ76D. Diamond-shaped thistle design with slightly rounded tips. This button is a copy of the buttons that were on the vest of a young Scottish girl many years ago. 3/4" x 5/8". $3 each, $2.50 ea for 6 or more.




ap621031.jpg (10787 bytes)SJ76E. Large diamond-shaped thistle design. 7/8" from top to bottom tips, and 11/16" across. $3 ea, or $2.50 ea for 6 or more.
SJ76F. Small diamond-shaped thistle design. 11/16" from top to bottom, and 9/16" across. $3 ea, or $2.50 ea for 6 or more.






Celtic Knot Drop Earrings

ap423071.jpg (10607 bytes)SJ78. These Celtic knot drop earrings with amethyst crystal stones in silvertone setting are really elegant! The actual earring is just over 1" long, not counting the ring on top. $22





Sale! Pin, Earrings and Necklace in Blue or Brown Porcelain

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SJ79A: Four-knot pins at left are 1 1/4" high. Made in Scotland of  handcolored porcelain. Choice of antiqued brown or antiqued blue (shown left). Were $24, now $12



SJ79B: Two-knot pins at left are 1 1/4" high. Made in Scotland of handcolored porcelain. Choice of antiqued brown or antiqued blue. Were $24, now $12




SJ79C. Celtic knot earrings match pins above. 3/4" from corner to corner. Antiqued blue only (shown left). Were $20, now $10

SJ79D. Necklace has same square piece as earring on 18" chain. Antiqued blue only, on silver chain. Was $16, now $8




Celtic Knot Pendants

mr613231.jpg (9708 bytes)SJ82. Drop Celtic knot pendant set with faux amethyst cabochon stones in antiqued silver-colored setting. Pendant is 1 1/4" long.
18" silver-colored chain. $9





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