Tony Dixon Alto Whistles (C, Bb, A, G, F)

These six-hole whistles fall into the gap between the low and high whistles.

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The Brass "Trad" Alto Whistles


These brass "trad"  (traditional) whistles all have the same body diameter of 5/8" (1.6 cm), but the different keys have different lengths.




We the two  whistles below of the trads shown:

TDAW3. A "trad" whistle by Tony Dixon is fully tunable. Brass body with black polymer head. 15 1/2" long. 2.0 oz. $46

TDAW4. G "trad" whistle by Tony Dixon is fully tunable. Brass body with black polymer head. 17 1/8 " long. 2.3 oz. $47


Tony Dixon Polymer Alto C (high) Whistle and Whistle/Piccolo Duo

TDAWC1. Alto whistle in key of C (formerly called the high C whistle). Black polymer, tunable. Just under 13" long. $31


TDAWC1duo. Tony Dixon High C Whistle/Piccolo Duo. Three pieces: high C body, whistle head and piccolo head. Black polymer. $45



Tony Dixon Solid Brass Alto (high) C Whistle

TDAWC3. Twice Dixon announced that he was not  going to make this whistle any more and twice we have succeeded in getting him to make some for us. It weighs 5.7 oz, and has an overall length of 13". $92




Tony Dixon Aluminum Alto C (high) Whistle and Whistle/Piccolo Duo

TDAWC2. Tony Dixon tunable aluminum soprano whistle in key of C, black polymer head, and nickel slide. This is a really nice whistle! Whistle players consider aluminum to produce a somewhat brighter sound than plastic. Length: Just under 13". $71

TDAWC2duo. Whistle/piccolo duo in key of C. This three-piece set has an aluminum body with nickel slide, plus black polymer piccolo and whistle heads. $89


Tony Dixon Polymer Alto G Whistle

TDPAW. Tony Dixon black polymer tunable alto G whistle. 17" long. $45
TDPAW duo.
Flute/whistle combo in G. Three pieces: black polymer body plus interchangeable flute and whistle heads. $61


Tony Dixon Aluminum Alto G Whistle



TDAWG. Tunable alto whistle in key of G, aluminum body with black polymer head. 17" long. Tapered body,  outer diameter of aluminum body at head: 3/4". $92
Flute/whistle combo in G. Three pieces: aluminum body plus interchangeable poly flute and whistle heads. $104.



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