Ordering Information

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When You Place An Order

We confirm (normally promptly) that we have received the order and notify you about availability of goods, shipping charges etc. Please check your email for the next couple of days, because we will be emailing you about the order!

We normally remind you about your order sooner or later if we haven't received payment. If we don't hear from you shortly after the reminder we discard your order. If you change your mind about the order, after placing it, we would appreciate it if you would let us know.


Minimum Order Amount

Points within the US: $15, not including shipping/handling.
Canada: $25, not including shipping/handling.
All other countries: $100, not including shipping/handling.

If you order less than the minimum, a small fee will be charged. Our apologies it's because of the amount of time involved in processing orders.


Handling of Customer Information

We do not compile or sell customer lists; your mailing address, email address, telephone or any other information does not go into any kind of file.

Note: We do not keep a file of card numbers for security reasons. If you order again, we will probably need you to give us your card information again.



We accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover (credit or debit) from customers in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Ireland. (Our new charge system may also accept other cards -- we're not sure!)We accept these cards from other countries at our discretion.

Other types of payment:  Check or  money order from U.S. customers.

If you pay by credit or debit card, you may telephone us with the card information (we have a secure wired telephone), email the information by dividing it between two emails (this is actually quite secure), or send it by letter.

The information we need: Cardholder's name exactly as printed on card, card number, expiration date, security code, billing address (if different from shipping address). Our telephone number: 607-756-7372.

Checks/money orders: We accept payment by check (including checks on credit card accounts) or money order made out to The Harp and Dragon in $U.S. only. Please include your name, address and a good telephone number on your check. A note: if you are not certain that your check will be good, would you please send a money order instead. This saves a lot of trouble for both of us. (Also: if we are paid with a bad check, and the check is not made good within a reasonable time, the Post Office considers this to be mail fraud; we file a mail fraud complaint on bad check passers.)

On a credit card transaction: if you have any problems, would you PLEASE contact us about it first so that we can set things right? If you refuse to pay the credit card company, this comes back to us as a chargeback, and causes us a lot of trouble. We have to pay a fat fee, and we get a black mark against our name as well. We never  get our money, either, because the credit card companies are not fair to merchants. Merchants who get too many chargebacks can get dropped by the credit card company. The reason that we offer credit card payment is to give better service to our customers.

Wired money: We will take wire payments only on very large sales, such as an expensive harp. We do not take wired payment on small sales because we find that there is no way to tell in advance how many banks will take a chunk of money out of the amount sent before it arrives here, and we don't how how much money we will get. Also, wired payments take a surprising amount of time to arrive, especially from some foreign countries.

Sales Tax

We are located in New York State, and are therefore required to charge sales tax on goods shipped to points within NYS. Sales tax is not required on orders shipped outside NYS.

Shipping Charges

We will ship anything anywhere! What means of shipping we use, and how much it will cost, will obviously depend on what the item is and where it is going.

We normally ship via Post Office Priority (2-3 days) or Standard  (this is the former Parcel Post, which is slower, and applies only to larger parcels) for all packages that are not too large for the Post Office, which has upper size limits.

Note: Post Office Priority is different from Express. Express is overnight service (or second day, depending on where you live), and is more expensive.

When we confirm the order with you, we notify you of postage/shipping charges.

We ship large and/or heavy parcels via UPS or other shippers.

Shipping of harps: Harps are shipped variously by Post Office, UPS, air freight, or truck company depending on the size of the harp and where it is going. We will be happy to discuss shipping with you at the time of sale of the harp. (The various shipping agencies have different size and weight limits; air freight and trucking take the largest and heaviest items.)

If English is not your native language, please note that "shipping" means "sending" the parcel, no matter how the parcel travels, whether by airplane, land or sea.


Shipping to Countries Other Than the US.

Parcels to Canada: Minimum order $25, not including postage. Check with us about postage/insurance fees on your order, or, to get an advance idea of postage charges, go to the United States Postal Service's web site at www.usps.com and put in various weights for shipping from our address to Canada.

For countries other than the U.S. and Canada: Minimum order is $100, not including postage. Please ask for a shipping quote only if you are seriously interested in ordering the item(s). Australia and New Zealand especially:  it is VERY expensive to ship down there! Also: we would appreciate if you would check out the monetary exchange rate before you inquire about ordering. We are happy to have you as customers, but shopping with us may cost quite a bit more than you think.

You can get an idea of what it costs to post items from us to your country by going to the United States Postal Service's web site at www.usps.com and putting in various weights for shipping. This will give you an idea whether or not you want to pursue an order with us.

Customs duties and other import fees: We have no idea what your country charges on items shipped to you. For information on this, you need to contact your own Customs Office. Duties and/or other fees are charged on the parcel only after it arrives in your country and you will have to pay this when receiving your parcel. We can only tell you how much shipping from us to you will be.

Monetary exchange rates: we quote prices only in American dollars.


Time Required to Ship Your Order

The items shown on this web site are supposed to be in stock. If not, we apologize for the error.

Turnaround time after receiving your order will normally be a day or two, unless we happen to be away. If it is important to you that you receive your goods by a certain date, please let us know this.

Note: the email is not always reliable, and we find that now and then a message gets lost in the system. Please type your email address accurately.

Also: if you have a block on incoming messages from strangers, and do not remove it for our message, we are unable to contact you unless you also give us your Post Office mailing address. And after placing an order, PLEASE check your email within a day.

If you do not hear from us promptly by email on a week day, please contact us by telephone.

For Christmas: We can handle last-minute orders for shipping via Post Office Express or UPS overnight service. (Some remote areas require two days for Express mail; the Post Office web site can tell you whether Express will take one or two days from us to you, or ask us.) 

Returns and Exchanges Policy

If you wish to return an item, please contact us within a week of receiving it and notify us that you wish to return it, and why. Please wait to hear from us before you send it back. We may wish to advise you on packing it, for instance.

Then send the item back immediately. (We have received items weeks, even months, later. Depending on the item, this can cause us stocking difficulties.) Please see that it arrives back here in new condition and pack it well.

We will refund you the cost of the item less a restocking fee (but we will not refund charges associated with shipping it either way). The amount of the restocking fee may vary, depending on the value of the item, and whether you paid with a card or not (we have to pay charges to the card company for both charging and crediting ), and whether you bought something else that is more expensive, etc. In any case, packing and other procedures involved in processing an order and return take a fair amount of time, depending on the item involved, which is another reason for a restocking fee. This fee will probably run about 15%, but the minimum return/exchange fee is $5.

If we ship you something defective, or the wrong item, contact us and we'll set things straight. We try hard not to make mistakes, and we try to inspect everything, but we are not perfect, which we greatly regret.


Price Changes

We normally update prices on our site promptly; however, prices can change without notice.

Cancellation Fee

If you place an order with us and then cancel after we have run your card or after we have already shipped the parcel, there will be a fee charged, the amount depending on the circumstances.

Truth in Advertising

All information about the products on this site is stated to the best of our knowledge. If errors creep in, or our suppliers are not honest with us on materials, country of origin, etc, we cannot be held responsible.


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