Arrangements of Welsh Tunes, and Compositions and Transcriptions

for pedal harp by John Thomas


The Welsh harpist and composer, John Thomas (1826 - 1913), composed original harp pieces, did harp arrangements of traditional Welsh pieces, and also did harp arrangements of classical pieces of his day. They are wonderful showy solo pieces.

All are published by Adlais of Wales.


Welsh tune arrangements by John Thomas.

Llwyn Onn (The Ash Grove). Perhaps the best known of all Welsh tunes. $4. Sale $3.

Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock). The haunting tune of a dying harpist who has one request: to play his harp once more. $4. Sale $3.

Clychau Aberdyfi (Bells of Aberdovi). Hear the sounds of the bells in this amazing arrangement. $4. Sale $3.

Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Ripe Wheat). The young man has been waiting for this girl to mature so that he could court her, but now it looks as if she will marry another. $4. Sale $3.

Codiad yr Haul (Rising of the Sun). $4. Sale $3.

Merch Megan (Megan's Daughter). $5. Sale $4.

Ffarwel y Telynor i'w Enedigol Wlad (The Minstrel's Adieu to his Native Land). This large-format piece has a reproduction of a famous harp drawing on the cover. $6. Sale $4.


Original Compositions by John Thomas

Aeolian Sounds, comp. John Thomas. Notes by Ann Griffiths in English. 16pp. 16.00, now 12.00.

Echoes of a Waterfall: Caprice for the Harp, comp. John Thomas. 11pp. 10.00, now 7.00

The Seasons, four pieces composed by John Thomas.
. Spring. 9pp. $6, now $4.
Summer. 12pp. 10.00, now 7.00.
Autumn. 11pp. 7.00, now 5.00.
Winter. 15pp. 8.00, now 6.00.

Four Romances for the Harp, comp. John Thomas:
The Tear. 5pp. 7.00, now 5.00.
The Smile. 7pp. 7.00, now 5.00.
The Parting. 5pp. 7.00, now 5.00.
The Remembrance. 5pp. 7.00, now 5.00.

Le Soir: Premier Impromptu for the Harp, comp. John Thomas. 7pp. 8.00, now 5.00.

Pensive and Joyous: Fantasia for the Harp by John Thomas. 10pp. 7.00, now 5.00.

Rhapsody for the Harp, comp. John Thomas. 11pp. 7.00, now 5.00.

Staccato Movement for the Harp, comp. John Thomas. 5pp. 5.00, now 4.00.

L’Esperance (Hope): Mazurka for Harp, comp. John Thomas. 9pp. 7.00, now 5.00.

The Spinning Wheel: Characteristic Study for the Harp, comp. John Thomas (dedicated to his wife). 7pp. 7.00, now 5.00.


Transcriptions for the Harp by John Thomas

Ave Maria (Schubert), trans. John Thomas. 10pp. 8.00, now 6.00.

Transcriptions for the Harp by John Thomas.
M’Appari Tutt’Amor (Martha). 5pp. 5.00, now 4.00.
. Assisa a Pie d’un Salice (Otello). 5pp. 5.00, now 4.00.
Nocturne (Dreyschock). 5pp. 5.00, now 4.00.


Studies/Etudes by John Thomas

Selected Studies for the Harp (Welsh, Dewis Dethol o Ymarferiadau Telyn) by John Thomas. Four studies (one for left hand). Large format,                pub. Adlais of Wales. 32pp. Was $14, now $10.



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