Celtic Lapel Pins, Harp Lapel Pins

and (other) Musical Instrument Lapel Pins

These small lapel pins are a discreet way to tell the world that you are a Celt or a musician.


Celtic Lapel Pins: Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Most of the Celtic lapel pins below are made in Scotland,
and have a spring clip on the back unless otherwise noted.
$4 each unless otherwise noted. If ordering 25 or more, ask us about discount.


Celtic Cross

lp10.gif (2775 bytes)

LP10: Celtic cross, white on dark brown. Fine Celtic knot design on the four arms of the cross. 3/4" high. $4




lp12.jpg (5949 bytes)lp44.gif (1902 bytes)

LP13 (far left). Lapel harp pin, yellow harmonic curve, soundbox  and base, gold pillar and strings. 3/4" high.  $3
LP14 (center at left). Pedal harp lapel pin,  brown and cream enamelling, just over 5/8" inch high. $4
LP15 (immediate left). Enamelled pedal harp pin in brown, outlined in gold. 1 3/8" high. Pin on back. $3



no223141.jpg (6908 bytes) LP16. Silverplated harp charm 3/4" high. $3. No, this isn't a lapel pin, but we put it here because it's the same size and shape as the LP13 above.




Irish Lapel Pins

lp20.gif (2782 bytes)lp21b.jpg (4348 bytes)lp22.gif (4925 bytes)Left to right: LP20, LP21A, LP21B, LP22



LP20: Cutout shamrock. $4
LP21: Irish flag . 11/16"across. $4 ea
LP22: Irish dancing girl. $4

LP23: Tara brooch, gilt color. $4



Scottish Lapel Pins

lp30.gif (3257 bytes)lp31.gif (4024 bytes)lp32.gif (3363 bytes)Left to right: LP30, LP31, LP32


LP30: Cutout thistle, green/purple (5/8" across). $4
LP31: St. Andrews flag
    LP31A. Large 3/4" across. $4
    LP31B. Small 7/16" across. $3
LP32: Scottish lion flag
    LP32A. Large 3/4" across. $4
    LP32B. Small 7/16" across. $3

Welsh Lapel Pins

lp42.gif (1979 bytes)LP42: Oval Welsh flag. $4


fe412041.jpg (8113 bytes)LP47. Rectangular Welsh flag (3/4" across). $4


Manx, Cornish and Ulster Lapel Pins

fe317081.jpg (9296 bytes)LP60: Isle of Man three legs, silver color with red stone (1" across). $4


fe317051.jpg (7126 bytes)LP62: Ulster (N.Ireland) flag (7/16" across). $4




Musical Instrument Lapel Pins

These are enamelled in various colors, with gold outlines, and have a pin across the back. The sizes vary, depending on the shape of the instrument. Made in England, good quality. All are $3 each. 25 or more (mixed selection allowed), $2 each. Quantities of each in stock are  given in parentheses.

de403151.jpg (6524 bytes)LP101. Gold treble clef and staff on black background, oval. 7/8" high. (9) $3

LP102. Pedal harp. 1 3/8" tall. (25+) $3

de403101.jpg (7275 bytes)LP103. Baby grand piano, black. 3/4" across. (16) $3

de403121.jpg (3741 bytes)LP105. Recorder 1 1/4" long. (21) $3

LP106. Banjo. Just under 1 1/4" long. (5) $3




LP108. Cornet. 1" long. ( 8) $3

LP109. Snare drum. 3/4" across. (3) $3


LP112. Electric guitar. 1 1/4". (6) $3

LP113. Harmonica. 1" long. (12) $3


LP116. Piano accordian 3/4" across. (10) $3



LP118. Tazoo (this resembles a megaphone) 1 3/8". (5) $3



LP120. Trumpet 1 1/4". (3) $3




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