The Braunwen Model Harp

by Stoney End

The 29-string Braunwen model is ideal for the player who wants a harp that gives a reasonable playing range, and that is also easy to carry around. This one in the photo is sitting here on the floor, and has the beautiful handmade Celtic angel design burned into the soundboard by their artist.


Wood: Cherry
Range: 4 octaves (from G 1 1/2 octaves below middle C  up to high G)
Weight (including base): 20 lb

Overall height when sitting on removable base: 56 inches
Height harp only without base: 44"
High-quality Truitt levers on every string

Padded green case shown below
Green tote for carrying base
Tuning key
Full extra set of strings

Warranty: 5 years

Price of complete package: $2900



This is a close-up of the woodburned Celtic angel
on the soundboard





This well-made padded carrying case has handles, shoulder strap and side pocket.









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