Practice Chanters: Standard, Long and Child's Sizes

On this page we display the practice chanters that we offer for sale. The first section lists standard chanters, and the second section lists long chanters. The child's chanters are at the bottom of the page.Click here for beginners' information on  practice chanters

I. Standard Chanters

jy116081.jpg (4722 bytes)CH10. Black glass-filled nylon chanter, shown at left. Button sole. $28.



CH11. Rosewood, engraved nickel trim and sole. $27.


jan14082.jpg (12207 bytes)CH12. Cocus wood, engraved nickel trim and sole. $31



II. Long chanters


CH30. Rosewood long chanter with metal sole, looks like the CH11 above. $39




jan14112.gif (17845 bytes)CH31. Cocus wood, mock ivory band and sole $37.




jy116091.jpg (5221 bytes)CH32. Black glass-filled nylon, made in Scotland by Bagpipes Galore! (maker of our practice pipes). This is the same chanter made by taking off the chanter and blowpipe of the practice pipes. An unusual feature of this practice chanter is that the chanter part is the same shape as well as size of the chanter on a set of bagpipes. $59


Sale! Ebony Long Chanter

no616051.jpg (5136 bytes)CH34. Ebony chanter with mock ivory and engraved nickel fittings. Matte finish. This is a good deal for a real ebony chanter. 22 1/4" long, made by Mid-East. With Scottish reed. Was $99, now $85. Note that this practice chanter now lists at $150.



Sale! Child's Chanters

se219021.jpg (13547 bytes)CH40. Child's Practice Chanter (shown at left): This real chanter is designed for children whose fingers do not comfortably reach the holes on a standard chanter. Overall length is 16", and distance from center to center of the holes at each end of the row of holes is 5 1/8". Made of good hardwood; comes in an attractive package with a coloring poster and music learning wall chart. Produced by Pied Piper of Scotland. Was $26. Sale $20

CH41 (not shown). High-density black plastic child's chanter. This high-quality black chanter looks much like the Kintail brand, but does not carry a maker's name. Made in Scotland. Overall length: 16 inches. Was $57. Sale $45







A note...Practice chanters made in Pakistan are an excellent quality for the money, and the negative stories about Pakistani-made products do not really apply. (We check our products out, and if you get a defective item, we replace it, of course.) Please note that there are a number of different makers in Pakistan; not all produce items of the same quality.




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