Collectible Pins: Welsh Trains, Doubledecker Buses, Antique Cars

Real enamel, fine detail, made in England.


Welsh Snowdon Mountain EngineTrain Pins

Collectible 1. We have two enameled train pins; both are Snowdon Mountain Railway engines. SMR is a narrow-gauge rack-and-pinion railway in northwest Wales that first started in 1896, and still operates as a tourist train to the top of Mount Snowdon. For more information, see . The pins are about 1 1/8" long. If memory serves, these pins were commissioned by the railway for the train conductors to wear on their caps. We have a small quantity of these, which we are offering at $5 each. However, if anyone wants a quantity, ask about a discount. Please specify "yellow strip" or "red strip" if you want one specific engine or the other.






British Doubledecker Bus Pins

Collectible 2. British doubledecker buses, enameled pins made in England. We show below a representative selection of the bus pins; however there are others that are similar -- there's quite a number of different ones. Size: about 1 1/4" long. $4 each; quantity discounts. We'll pick these for you.















Classic/Antique Car Pins

Collectible 3. Old cars. Enameled pins made in England. Below are the cars that we currently have; we have one or more of each kind shown. We'll try to get you the one you want. Size: about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4" long. The photographer says that they are shown in proportion to their actual size. $5 each.
















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