Reeds for Practice Chanters and Highland Bagpipes


Practice Chanter Reeds

Information on practice chanter reeds

fe610041.jpg (4933 bytes)At left is a typical practice chanter reed. Notes regarding practice chanter reeds:
1. Any make of practice chanter reed can be played in any practice chanter.
2. Practice chanters use a different reed than bagpipe chanters; the practice chanter reed is plastic.
3. Practice pipes, child's chanters and the chanters on miniature pipes all take practice chanter reeds.
4. Practice chanter reeds are not categorized as soft, medium or hard, as the bagpipe chanter reeds are.


Standard Practice Chanter Reed

fe610041.jpg (4933 bytes)RD10: Scottish-made (Bagpipes Galore!) standard practice chanter reed. 1 3/4" long overall. $6 each.



Reeds for Practice Pipes Chanter

fe610041.jpg (4933 bytes)RD20. Practice pipes plastic chanter reed: now $6. This is the reed supplied by Bagpipes Galore! of Scotland, who manufacture our practice pipes. 2 3/8" long overall. It is somewhat louder than a standard practice chanter reed. Note: you can, however, play any practice chanter reed you wish in the practice pipes.


Highland Bagpipe Chanter Reeds

The traditional  bagpipe chanter reed is made of cane. However, many pipers now use synthetic bagpipe chanter reeds. We carry both kinds.
Beginners on the pipes usually prefer soft reeds to start. Professionals often use the hard reeds. Medium reeds are, of course, between the soft and hard reeds. We assume that reeds are for standard fullsize highland pipes unless you state otherwise. We have reeds for some other bagpipes (see below).


Synthetic Reeds for Highland Bagpipe Chanter

RD33. Surefire brand by Bagpipes Galore! of Scotland. We have these in:

    RD33A: Easy (for beginners) $29

    RD33B: Medium (on the easy side). Experienced pipers might find this reed a little easier than the standard medium reeds. $29


Cane Reeds for Highland Bagpipe Chanter 


RD31. Barnes of Scotland brand, as shown at left. 1 5/8" long. Please state "easy" or "medium." $17 



Synthetic Drone Reeds

RD38. Steady Drones brand of synthetic drone reeds for fullsize highland bagpipes by Bagpipes Galore! Made in Scotland. Set of three drone reeds, one bass and two tenor, for $53.

These drone reeds fit all bagpipes.




Cane Drone Reeds

oc91524.jpg (11976 bytes)Bagpipe tenor drone reeds, cane:
    RD33. Roosebeck brand $4
    RD34. McRostie of Edinburgh $7

Bagpipe bass drone reeds, cane:
    RD35. Rosebeck brand $4
    RD36. McRostie of Edinburgh $7

At left we show a typical tenor drone reed (on the left in the picture), and a typical bass drone reed (on the right in the picture).





Reeds for Medieval Smallpipes

RD39. Chanter reed  for medieval smallpipes. 2 5/8" long. $8 ea


RD40. Drone reeds for medieval smallpipes MP1. Standard cylindrical cane reed. Please specify for long or short drone. $4


Reeds for Miniature and Halfsize Pipes

We also stock chanter and drone reeds for miniature and halfsize pipes. These reeds are all $4 each.


Uilleann reeds

Uilleann reeds are on the uilleann pipes page.


Note: We request a minimum order of $15 in the U.S. (this is higher for orders sent abroad). Normal postage on reeds is $5 per order; we charge an additional amount for orders under $15.




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