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These books, published by Dover, offer a wide variety of copyright-free Celtic designs for your art projects. There are outline Celtic designs of all sorts, stencils, coloring books, charted designs for needlework, iron-ons, borders, alphabets, stained-glass designs, mazes, and CD-ROMs in both black and white and color.

Note: We are discontinuing the Dover line of Celtic design books. We will have them in stock as current supplies last.

Click this link for these Dover books on the Irish Crafts page: Irish Laser-Cut Plastic Stencils, Book of Children's Celtic Songs and Dances, Irish paper doll books, and a book of Irish dance costume iron-on patterns.

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Books of Celtic Art Designs

dover1.jpg (23067 bytes)DOV1. Celtic Designs CD-ROM/Book: Dover Electronic Clip Art for Macintosh and Windows. These attractive designs for computer use include traditional Celtic knots, interlace and animals, and vary in size from quite small up to several inches across. The 96 black-and-white Celtic graphics are scanned at 600 DPI and saved in six different formats (TIFF, PICT, WMF, JPEG, GIF and BMP). The set includes one CD-ROM plus an 8 1/2" x 11" book with every image printed clearly on one side of the page.  $15


DOV1A. Ready-to-Use Celtic Designs by Pearce. This book contains the same 96 Celtic graphics as in DOV1, printed in black and white. The cover is  blue, and the cover graphics on the cover, although similar, are different than shown. However, it's the same 96 designs as before. 64pp, 8 1/2" x 11". $7







dover2.jpg (25575 bytes)DOV2. Full-Color Celtic Designs CD-ROM and Book by Marty Noble. 117 different permission-free color designs for your artistic Celtic projects. Striking motifs typical of ancient Celtic art include four-footed beasts with wings,  religious figures with halos,   serpentine scrolls,  crosses,  animals,  and all kinds of other intricate weaving patterns. All the designs are printed in the 48-page book in color on one side of the page only,  and are also in color on the CD. The CD-ROM designs are scanned at 300 DPI and saved in TIFF format; for Macintosh and Windows, with instructions.   Book size: 9 1/4" x 12 1/4". $20

dover2a.jpg (20040 bytes)DOV2A. Celtic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople. 223 permission-free black-and-white designs, a rich and diverse selection of authentic Celtic motifs: spirals, knots and weaves, exotic birds, horned beasts, mermaids and other fanciful creatures. The images in the book are 70% of the size of the images as they appear on the CD-ROM. $15 We have one of these left.






dover3.jpg (19662 bytes)DOV3. 159 Celtic designs by Lusebrink. An unabridged republication of Celtic Copy Book: Celtic Designs to Photocopy pub. Scotpress 1988. Borders, alphabets, animals and other patterns are easily enlarged or reduced. In black and white. 48pp. $7


dover4.jpg (23691 bytes)DOV4. Celtic Designs and Motifs by Davis. 103 black-and-white designs to use in art projects. $6.50








Celtic Stencils

DOV6.  Celtic Stencil Designs CD-ROM and book: 164 royalty-free designs. Images of traditional Celtic art have been transformed into a collection of versatile stencil designs adapted from The Book of Kells and other early medieval Celtic sources. The CD-ROM includes the Dover Design Manager so that you can browse, print crop and rotate the images. $15


dover7.jpg (27578 bytes)DOV7. Celtic Cut and Use Stencils by Spinhoven. 61 designs printed on heavy paper, one side of page only, with indications of which ones can be put together to make larger designs. Border and corner motifs, mythical figures, abstract designs, knots and swirl patterns. 64pp, full instructions. $9







Books of Celtic Frame and Border Designs

dover8.jpg (18117 bytes)DOV8. Easy-To-Duplicate Celtic Borders: 55 Copyright-Free Forms by Mallory Pearce. These are small borders for your paper projects such as ads or letters.This book features interlacements of plant and animal forms with richly detailed Celtic ornamentation. 48pp. $6


dover9.jpg (19971 bytes)DOV9. Celtic Borders on Layout Grids by Mallory Pearce. These small borders are ready to use for your art project; both full- and half-page borders are included. 8 1/2 x ll. 64pp. $6







dover10.jpg (20038 bytes)DOV10. Celtic Frames and Borders: 96 Different Copyright-Free Designs Printed One Side by Mallory Pearce. This newest book of borders for your art projects includes shapes and sizes not in the previous books: round, oval, and small frames as well as the larger ones. $7


dover11.jpg (19637 bytes)DOV10A. Celtic Frames and Borders CD-ROM/book.   96 different copyright-free designs: Dover Electronic Clip Art for Macintosh and Windows. Serpentine scrolls, intricately interwoven  motifs, mythical creatures, symbols for biblical characters, creatures of the forest, and much more. Includes 8 full and 20 half pages, plus smaller frames. Black and white. The designs are the same ones as in Book 10 by Mallory Pearce.  $15. This book has been reprinted with a pale yellow cover instead of beige, and with slightly different cover graphics. However, it has the same designs inside.






jn33005s.jpg (28693 bytes)DOV11. Full-Color Celtic Frames and Borders; CD-ROM and book,   by Mallory Pearce. 48-page large-format book with color frames and borders printed on one side only,  plus traditional interlaced figures and Celtic motifs within the frames, 59 designs in all. The CD-ROM has all the color designs on it,  scanned at 300 DPI and saved in TIFF format. $20







Stained-Glass Coloring  and Design Books

dover12.jpg (22102 bytes)DOV12. Celtic Stained Glass Coloring Book by Courtney Davis. 16 full-page plates of Celtic designs rendered from the Book of Kells and other sources printed on both sides of translucent paper (8 1/2 x ll"). You color the plates and hang them in a window for a stained-glass effect. $6

DOV12A. Celtic Animals Stained Glass Coloring Book by Mallory Pearce. 16 full-page plates of eye-catching fanciful animal designs adapted from original works of art  printed on both sides of translucent paper (8 1/2 x ll). You color the plates and hang them in a window for a stained-glass effect. $6

DOV12B. Celtic Knotwork Stained Glass Coloring Book by A. G. Smith. Sixteen full-page plates of traditional knotwork designs on translucent paper, some with animal motifs worked in. You color the plates and hang them in a window for a stained-glass effect. $6






DOV12C. Celtic Stained Glass Pattern Book by Mallory Pearce. Produced especially for stained glass artisans, the 91 designs in this book are adapted from The Book of K ells and other authentic sources. The designs are outlined in black on regular paper, unlike the stained glass coloring books above. $9.







Celtic Charted Designs for Cross-Stitch

dover13.jpg (19497 bytes)DOV13. Celtic Animals Charted Designs by Kliffen. For cross-stitch, etc. 48pp. $4



dover14.jpg (20859 bytes)DOV14. Celtic Charted Designs by C. Spinhoven. Over 300 designs from authentic sources; charts to use in counted cross-stitch, knitting, etc. 57pp. $5







Celtic Coloring Books

dover17.jpg (23857 bytes)DOV17. Celtic Animals Coloring Book by Pearce. 43 ready-to-color animal drawings in the sinuous, eye-catching Celtic style, adapted from authentic original artwork. These designs are drawn in black outline and can be either colored or adapted for other purposes. 48pp. $4


dover18.jpg (23756 bytes)DOV18. Celtic Design Coloring Book by Ed Sibbett, Jr. 37 pages of designs from ancient manuscripts to color or use for art projects. Designs are drawn in black outline. $4







Books of Celtic and Medieval Initials and Fonts

dover19.jpg (27521 bytes)DOV19. Illuminated Initials in Full Color: 548 designs by Grafton (ed.). The letters, arranged alphabetically, are selected from 19th-century reprints of medieval manuscripts, and are wonderful pieces of art. Not all are Celtic, but enough are to include this book here. All are copyright free. 48pp. 9 1/4 x 12 1/4". $13








jn33006s.jpg (18245 bytes)DOV20A. 24 Celtic and Medieval Display Fonts; CD-ROM and book.   These eye-catching fonts range from the simple and unadorned to the highly ornamental, including Anglo Text, Colchester Black, Cimbrian, King's Cross, Yonkers and others. Assembled by noted typographer and type historian Dan X. Solo. The CD  contains all of the fonts in the book in both TrueType and Postscript Type 1 formats for Windows and Macintosh.  $15






dover21.jpg (22059 bytes)DOV21. Ready-To-Use Decorative Celtic Alphabets by Mallory Pearce. Six decorative Celtic alphabets, plus a basic alphabet of calligraphic Celtic letters. These eye-catching letters will add a distinctive touch to every kind of graphic art. 64pp. $7







dover21a.jpg (80972 bytes)DOV21A. Full-color Celtic Decorative Letters CD-ROM and Book. 307 permission-free designs by Mallory Pearce and Jennifer Krebs.  Woven into intricate patterns are half-human, mythical figures, florals, animal life, and highly stylized serpentine motifs. The 48-page book includes every image on the CD-ROM printed large and clearly on one side of the page only for direct cut-and-paste use. The CD-ROM is for Windows or Macintosh; all images are scanned at 300 dpi and saved in Tiff format. $20







dover23.jpg (20528 bytes)DOV23. Celtic Alphabets CD-ROM and Book : 7 Complete Copyright-free Alphabets. Includes one basic and six decorated alphabets, useful for poster art, advertising, textile design, decoupage, or whatever. The CD-ROM alphabets are scanned at 600 DPI and saved in six different formats: TIFF, PICT, WMF, JPEG, GIF, and BMP, for Macintosh and Windows; requires 5MB of RAM. The 64-page large-format book has every image on the CD-ROM printed clearly on one side of the page. $13






How To Write In Celtic Style Writing

dover26.jpg (15397 bytes)DOV26. Celtic Hand Stroke By Stroke by Arthur Baker. Shows how to write in the Celtic style. 46pp. $4
We have one of these left.







Book of Dragons

dover27.jpg (21644 bytes)Dov27. Dragons: A Book of Designs by Marty Noble. About 118 black-and-white drawings of dragons of all sorts from all over the world. Each dragon is tagged with a number and the country it is from. $7. If you are looking for specifically Welsh dragons, please note that there are British-style dragons in the book, but none that are a Welsh flag dragon looking to the left with one paw up. 32pp.






Books of Celtic and Old Norse Designs

jn33007s.jpg (23877 bytes)DOV28. Celtic and Old Norse Designs by Courtney Davis. 125 bold black-and-white motifs taken from authentic Celtic and Old Norse sources: birds, human figures, mythological creatures, Celtic knotwork and interlacings. The artwork is adapted from ancient rune stones and religious symbols, furniture, manuscripts, bronze mirrors, sword hilts, cooking utensils and other artifacts, designs from stone crosses of Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall, etc. Captions. $7

DOV28A. Celtic and Norse Designs CD-ROM and book by Lusebrink and Davis. More than 200 rare designs adapted from artwork that once decorated ancient rune stones, furniture, sword hilts and other Celtic and old Norse artifacts.  221 royalty-free images, 48 in color, in both the book and CD-ROM. The CD-ROM includes a Dover Design Manager so that you can easily browse, print, crop and rotate the images. $15







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