Sale! Irish Music Books, CDs and DVDs

Playing Manuals, CDs, DVDs and VHS videos for learning to play Irish musical instruments; also tunebooks and songbooks.


Sale! Irish Tunes for Session Players

A session is a group of Irish musicians; these books of tunes have been developed especially for Irish group playing.

IM11. 110 of Ireland's Best Session Tunes, Vol. 2. With guitar chords, suitable for all melody instruments. Reels, jigs, hornpipes and miscellaneous tunes. Book only, $16. Sale: $10
IM11A. 110 of Ireland's Best Session Tunes, Vol. 2. With guitar chords, suitable for all melody instruments. Book plus accompanying pair of CDs: All 110 tunes are played on these CD's, making the music come alive. Tunes are individually tracked for instant access. Book plus 2 CDs $35. Sale: $21

IM12. 110 of Ireland's Best Session Tunes with guitar chords. Vol. 3. Book only $16. Sale: $10

IM13. Sale! Set of the three books, 110 of Ireland's Best Session Tunes, Vols 1, 2 and 3. $40 (value $48). Sale: $30


Sale! Irish Slow Tunes for Melody Instruments

IM20. 110 Ireland's Best Slow Airs. Ireland's most beautiful and haunting melodies including laments, airs from old Gaelic songs, and O'Carolan compositions. Two or three lines of history or other information is given for each tune. These tunes are especially nice for the flute. Book only $17. Sale: $11

Sale! Irish Books and DVD for Penny (Tin) Whistle

Whistle Information Page

See this page for Waltons instruction booklets with CD or DVD that plays all the tunes. These are easy for beginners, as every note in the tunes is diagrammed.

IM30. The Irish Whistle by Clare McKenna. A comprehensive method for the serious player of the penny whistle. Starts at the beginning and goes on to advanced techniques: holding the tin whistle, using whistle diagrams, staff notation, notes on the whistle, the D scale, G scale, treble clef, key signatures, exercises for reading music, time and rhythm/barlines/time signatures, phrasing/breathing, slurring, tonguing, ornamentation, cut (grace note), triplets, the double cut, long rolls, short rolls, articulation, slow air playing. A large collection of tunes is included, some sprinkled throughout the pages of techniques, and the rest at the back of the book. The tunes on the early pages are diagrammed.  Also included is historical and other information on the penny whistle itself, photos and biographies of some well-known whistle players, and a list of whistle recordings.  Book 96pp, plus 2 CDs that play all the exercises and tunes in the book "as they are meant to be played." $34 Sale: $21

IM32. Soodlum's Irish Tin Whistle Tutor: Irish Music and Ballads for Tin Whistle. Volume 2. By Pat Conway. 37 tunes for tin whistle. $9 Sale: $6

IM33. DVD. Learn to Play the Irish Tin Whistle by Vinnie Kilduff. Ireland's greatest tin whistle player shows you the inner secrets of tin whistle playing on this 50-minute video. Each technique is demonstrated and then featured in tin whistle solos accompanied by other band members. Techniques demonstrated include piping techniques, triplets, rolls, cuts, vibrato, solos, hammer-ons, crans and more. $27 Sale: $16





IM34. Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes with guitar chords, Vol. 1. 110 of the best tunes in any tin whistle player's repertoire, specially chosen and arranged by one of Ireland's top players and teachers. Graded by difficulty for everyone from the beginner to advanced player. Compiled by Claire McKenna. Pub. Waltons. Book only. $16. Sale: $10
IM34A. Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes: Book plus 2 CD's that play all of the tunes. $34.
Sale: $20

IM35. Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes with guitar chords, Vol. 2. 110 more of the best tunes in any tin whistle player's repertoire. Also includes examples of more unusual traditional forms such as mazurka, waltz, barndance and strathspey, as well as music from Brittany, Galicia and Scotland. Book only $16. Sale: $10
IM35A. Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes with guitar chords, Vol. 2: Book plus 2 CD's that play all of the tunes. $35.
Sale: $21


Sale! Irish Bodhran Books and DVDs

IM51. Absolute Beginner's Bodhran Tutor, by Conor Long. Set of book and CD, published by Waltons of Ireland. Includes introduction, choosing and care of the bodhran, holding the stick, playing position, how to read bodhran tablature, accents, reels, jigs, session playing, playing exercises and a few tunes. Book 30pp. CD: bodhran tablature explained, plus all the exercises and tunes in the book played by Conor. A whistle player plays on the CD as well. 
 $17 for book & CD set.
Sale! $11





IM52. DVD. Absolute Beginner's Guide to Playing the Bodhran by Conor Long. A great teaching video for beginners by the author of the book/CD set above . Teaches how to play your first basic strokes and accompany tunes. Complete with live stage performances featuring Gavin Ralston on guitar, Paul McNevin on fiddle and, of course, Conor Long on bodhran. $34 Sale $20

IM53. DVD. Bodhran, Bones & Spoons by Tommy Hayes. An action-packed 1 3/4-hour video featuring all the great styles and techniques, plus some amazing ones shown here for the first time. The master player teaches you everything step by step in an easy, friendly manner. Includes live stage performances with Steve Cooney (guitar), Charlie Lennon (fiddle), Gerry O'Connor (banjo) and Cormac Breathnach (whistle). $34 Sale $20



mr610101.jpg (15815 bytes)Sale! IM54A. The Bodhran Book by Steafan Hannigan promises to "tell you all that's worth knowing about the intricacies of traditional bodhran playing." The beginner is guided slowly and carefully with many examples and exercises. Included are sections on the various types of traditional Irish dance music, care and maintenance, music help, discography, bodhran history and manufacture. There are 34 tunes in the back of the book. Illustrated throughout, 96 pages. Was $23, on sale at $14.






Sale! Books for Irish Flute

IM61. Traditional Irish Flute Solos: The Turoe Stone Collection, Vol. 1. A collection of 68 jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, slip jigs, barn dances, marches and airs all composed by the renowned Galway flute player, Vincent Broderick. Photos and drawings throughout. $17. Sale: $10

New! IM62. Traditional Irish Flute Solos Vol. 2: The Turoe Stone Collection. Original compositions in the Irish tradition by Vincent Broderick. Notes by Broderick accompany many of the pieces. E.g.,"The Mad Cow Roundabout" has this note: "This is the local nickname for a major junction on the outskirts of Dublin called The Red Cow Roundabout." Includes Ward's Eviction Suite. 46 jigs, reels, barn dances, hornpipes, slow airs and a couple of others (a slide and a march). These tunes are suitable for all melody instruments. Book plus CD. $35. Sale: $21

Also, see IM20 above, the Slow Airs, which is a collection that flute players like.



Sale! Irish Fiddle

IM80. A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Fiddle by Paul McNevin. Everything you need to know about the Irish fiddle, from playing your first notes and tunes to advanced solos and ornamentation. Includes special chapters for beginners, Key Points throughout, highlighting of essential aspects of fiddle technique, a comprehensive guide to traditional ornamentation, and over 80 carefully chosen tunes. The CD lets you hear how the Irish style of fiddle playing sounds. Book plus accompanying CD: Was $34. Sale $20

IM81. DVD. Irish Fiddle: Complete Techniques. A superb video  by Charlie Lennon, one of the most well-known and respected musicians in Ireland. Learn all the great styles and techniques: bow and finger ornamentation, cuts, rolls, runs and regional styles. Complete with live stage performance featuring Steve Cooney, Tommy Hayes, Gerry O'Connor and Cormac Breathnach. $27 Sale: $16




IM82. 110 of Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes with guitar chords compiled by Paul McNevin, one of Ireland's top players and teachers. Includes a special feature on rolls, cuts, triplets and other ornamentation. Book only $16. Sale: $10
IM82A. Book plus accompanying pair of CDs: All 110 tunes are played on the CDs at moderate tempo for easy learning and are individually tracked for instant access. Book plus two CDs  $35. Sale: $25


Sale! Irish Guitar Accompaniment

IM90. Irish Traditional Guitar Accompaniment by Gavin Ralston. A course on how to accompany traditional Irish music on the guitar. Featuring alternative chords, rolls, keychanging and bass runs. Gavin has performed with many of Ireland's top traditional players and now shares his amazing skills with you. Book with accompanying CD: $30 We have one of these left. Sale: $15

IM91. DVD. Irish Traditional Guitar Accompaniment by Gavin Ralston. A great 50-minute teaching video on how to accompany Irish traditional music on guitar. Alternative chords, flamenco rolls and  capo slide key changing are just a few of the techniques that you will learn with this acton-packed video. Features live performances with Gerry O'Connor on banjo and Paul McNevin on fiddle. $27 Sale: $16

IM91A. SALE! VHS version of the above guitar accompaniment video by Ralston. Was $34, now only $15.


For uilleann playing book, see our uilleann page.


Sale! Dulcimer and Hammered Dulcimer Books

IM100. Mel Bay's First Lessons: Hammered Dulcimer. Book with CD by Linda Thomas. Useful information for the beginner, easy pieces. 32pp. Sale! Was $11, Sale: $7







IM110. Mel Bay Presents Cripple Creek Dulcimer by Bud and Donna Ford. Instruction manual for 4-string mountain dulcimer. Many of the songs include both words and music. Instrument basics, tunings, many songs, photos of early pioneer days in Cripple Creek, Colorado. 87pp, spiral bound. Pub. Mel Bay. 87pp. Sale! Was $14, Sale: $9







Irish Wedding Songbook

Sale! IG17. The Wedding Songbook. Four popular pieces for Irish weddings: The Irish Wedding Song, Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod), Ave Maria (Schubert), and Panis Angelicus. Music and lyrics. Was $8, Sale: $5.


Cape Breton Tunebook

Jerry Holland: The Second Collection. Traditional and original melodies from Cape Breton, Ireland, Scotland, and other sources, with chords. Pub. 2000. $21 Sale: $15



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