Irish Musical Instruments

Penny Whistles, Low Whistles, Flutes, Piccolos, Bodhrans, Spoons, Bones,
Uilleann Pipes, Harps, More

A thousand welcomes to our pages of Irish instruments! Making music has been the occupation of the Irish for a very long time, right back into ancient historical times.

There have been fine Irish musicians performing at Celtic festivals in North America for many years. Now the advent of the very popular Riverdance and Lord of the Dance programs in recent times, with their bands of live musicians accompanying the dancers, has brought Irish musical instruments to the attention of great numbers of people who had not been aware of these instruments before.

If you are one of these people, we are pleased to have you join us. Pull up your chair, pour a drink, relax, and enjoy yourself. There are musical instruments for everyone to play. And what fun it is!

A group of Irish musicians is called a session, which is why these are called session instruments.

Bodhrans.  Various makes of bodhrans, plus carrying cases, beaters (tippers), instruction books etc.

Spoons and Bones. These are also part of the Irish percussion section.

Penny Whistles. Also called high whistles, soprano whistles, or tin whistles.

Low and Alto Whistles whistles. Instruments, instruction book with CD, cases.

Irish (Low) and alto Flutes. Instruments, cases, instruction books.

Uilleann Bagpipes. Instruments, carrying case, instruction book.

Harps. Of course, the Irish play the harp! Although they do not play it now as much as they did in the past, there is a revival movement in Irish harping, both in Ireland and North America. We have a whole section of pages on this site about this wonderful instrument. Links to harp music, harp jewelry, and harp gifts are on the main harps page.

Irish Music Books and DVDs: manuals, CDs and videos for learning to play, plus tunebooks and songbooks. Instruments that we carry playing books for: bodhrans, penny (also called high or soprano) whistles, low whistles, Irish flutes, uilleann bagpipes, Irish fiddle, guitar. See our sale on DVDs.  

Music stands: nice-looking solid wooden stands at a reasonable price.


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