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Wales is a small principality situated on the west side of England; it has its own national anthem (Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau), official language (Welsh) and flag (a red dragon on a field of green and white).

The Welsh are Brythonic Celts, along with the Cornish and Bretons.  The Gaelic Celts are the Irish, Scots and Manx. Welsh is not a Gaelic language, as is so often mistakenly thought.

Besides the red dragon, other common Welsh symbols are the leek and daffodil and lovespoon.

The Welsh celebrate their heritage on March 1, the date of the death of their patron saint, the sixth-century St. David.

Wales is beautiful, with mountains, rolling hills, ocean coastlines, old towns and ancient monuments. The famous male voice choirs, of which there are a great many, still rehearse and perform all year round.

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Teatowels, hand towels, wind sock, beach towel, totes and aprons are on the Fabric Items page, reached by the link above.

We've been selling Welsh goods for 30 years, and are major supplier of these items in the United States (although we ship everywhere). Anne finds and orders these Welsh items by going to the trade shows in Wales.


Other information of Welsh interest

o Newspaper published (in English) for Welsh Americans, 11 issues annually: Ninnau (pronounced nin'-eye). News of everything Welsh that is happening around North America! News from Wales, monthly columns on Welsh cooking, genealogy, hymn writers, Welsh language, feature stories, poet's corner, travel page, calendar of coming Welsh-interest events, more. Subscription: U.S. $19, Canada $Can 25.00, Britain 15 (25.00 for air mail). Send payment to: Ninnau Publications, 11 Post Terrace, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 U.S.A. (Do tell the people at Ninnau Pubs that you saw their newspaper advertised here.)

o Welsh Heritage Week: an intensive one-week course in Welsh language and traditions held annually around the end of July. The program offers language classes, singing school ( called ysgol gan - singing of the traditional hymns in Welsh), Welsh folk dancing, group instrumental playing, harp instruction, etc. If you want to delve more deeply into your Welsh heritage, this is the experience of a lifetime! Each year WHW is held in a different locality in the US, and sometimes it is held in Wales. For more information, and to be placed on the mailing list, contact Beth Landmesser at hwyl@tl.infi.net or call 570-472-3663.

o The Welsh Harp & Heritage Society of North America, Inc. is dedicated to promotion of Welsh culture through Wales' national instrument, the harp, and associated traditions. The tradition of the harp in Wales directly relates to many other Welsh traditions, such as singing, folk dancing, poetry, and ultimately to the language itself. This society is for anyone with an interest in Welsh culture and heritage. For more information, contact The Welsh Harp & Heritage Society at the above address for Beth Landmesser.


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