Welsh Dragon Clocks and Watches

It's time to give one of these as a gift! Or keep a truly Welsh-symbol timepiece for yourself.


Dragon Pocket Watch


CW8. This beautiful quartz pocket watch has a very fine Welsh dragon on the cover. This is a quality item. Polished metal, with chain. Runs on battery. Boxed as shown. $40










Welsh Dragon Alarm and Desk Clocks

CW1. Round plastic desk clock has an ell-shaped wire on the back so that the clock will sit on a surface its own. Takes a standard clock battery (AA), not included. 3 3/4" diameter. Comes in an attractive dragon box. Only $5.


Far left: front view.

Immediate left: side view.







CW2. Welsh flag alarm clock face is 2 3/4" square. Red plastic, with second hand and alarm set hand. The alarm shutoff moves up and down at the top for easy turn-off. "Cymru" is Welsh for "Wales." $12







CW3. Metal dragon alarm clock. This one has a hammer that goes back and forth, hitting the two red bells. 6 1/2" high. Runs on battery ((not included). $16








Welsh Dragon Watches

These make an attractive gift, and what can be more Welsh than a dragon on your wrist or pocket watch? These all have second hands, and come with battery.


CW4A. This watch has an adjustable fabric strap with Velcro closing ("Cymru" is Welsh for "Wales"). The overall diameter of the circle is 1 3/8", slightly smaller than the one shown below. Packaged as shown. $15





CW4B. This watch has an adjustable fabric strap with Velcro closing ("Cymru" is Welsh for "Wales"). The overall diameter of the circle is 1 1/2", slightly larger than the one shown above. Packaged as shown. $15



 CW4C. We have a couple of the above watches with a smaller, 1 1/4" circle. $15.


CW5. Slim ladies' watch on leatherette watchband, closes with buckle. Face is 3/4" diameter, strap is 8" long including buckle. $15.






Colorful Dragon Wall Clock

CW10. This large round colorful resin plastic clock has numbers that can be seen from right across the room. Diameter: 12 inches. Takes a standard clock battery (not included). Comes in an equally attractive dragon box. $30








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